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The series "Idols of National Football" are personal albums dedicated to the football legends of millions of fans throughout the post-Soviet space. Published with the support of the Football Veterans Union under the Russian Football Union.


The reader learns about the life and sports path of one of the outstanding Soviet football players from the stories of the football player himself, interviews, articles, memoirs of his contemporaries - famous domestic and foreign athletes and sports commentators. The book introduces the history of the clubs for which the footballer played, the USSR national team, conveys the atmosphere of the football world of those years. The edition is richly illustrated, contains previously unpublished materials and photographs. The book is addressed to a wide range of readers.  The book is rich in rare photographs of the legendary games of those times.

Hard cover. 220 x 245 x 3  

Number of pages - 480

ISBN 978-5-9903790-1-5

Publication language - Russian/Armenian


Lyricist - Alexander Grigoryan

Original text: "Brazilians" of Armenian football. Amaras Publishing House, ISBN 99930-1-032-4.

The book was published in 2002 with the support of Karen Bagdasarov.

Materials used:

  • Articles by Ruben Gyulmisaryan “Lord of the Ball” (“Yerevan” magazine #6 (66) June 2011)

  • chapters of the book "Forwards" Filatov L. I. [About owls. football players - members of the Club. G. Fedotova]. - M .: Physical culture and sport, 1986.

  • excerpt from the book by Yuri Kuznetsov "My Golden Years" (Moscow, 2011)


Publisher: GPGrant GmbH

Author of the idea, editor-in-chief: Grant Petrosyan

CEO: Erika Markarova

Art director, design and layout: Areg Grigoryan

Managing editor, fonts: Pavel Dallakyan

Color correction, photo processing: Gor Grigoryan

Website development and programming: Hayk Atasunts

Preparation of materials and interviews: Stella Markarova, Georgy Morozov, Boris Duhon

Statistical materials: Alexander Grigoryan, Grant Petrosyan, Valery Vedernikov

Newspaper archive processing: Anna Tolubets, Alena Markarova

Translation into Armenian: Anahit Adamyan

Used photographs from the archive of the Markarov and Petrosyan family, Igor Utkin's archive, Photolur agency (Melik Baghdasaryan)


Special thanks for supporting the publication of this album: 

Georg Petrosyan - President  Duvils Group (Dyuvils Group)

Alexander Mirzoyan - President  "Union of Football Veterans"


For cooperation, please contact:


All rights reserved © G. G. Petrosyan, E. E. Markarova, 2013, © GPGrant GmbH (Switzerland), 2013 

The rights to the series "Idols of National Football" belong © G. G. Petrosyan, E. E. Markarova, 2013, © GPGrant GmbH (Switzerland),

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