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"Thunderstorm of Authorities" - a prize established by the editors of the weekly "Sports Moscow" in 1976. In the future, he began to be awarded by the newspaper Moskovskaya Pravda. The prize was awarded to the team that scored the most points in matches with the winners of the USSR championship and the Russian football championship. Officially, the "Thunderstorm of Authorities" prize was awarded 29 times, 19 clubs of the highest league of the USSR and Russia became its owners. The record holder is Odessa "Chernomorets" (4 times became the winner - laureate of the prize). Chornomorets is also the record holder for the highest percentage of points in matches with the championship winners in one season - 75% (9 out of 12 possible points) in 1984.

In the event of a tie in points, the winner of the prize was the team that scored more points in the away matches and ranked higher in the standings.

The Ararat (Yerevan) team with coach Eduard Markarov received the "Thunderstorm of Authorities" Prize in 1990.

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