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The 32nd USSR Cup took place in March-October 1973. Yerevan "Ararat" became the owner of the Cup for the first time. The previous owner of the Cup Moscow "Torpedo" dropped out in the 1/16 finals. In this draw, all stages except the final were held in two matches.




Yerevan "Ararat" and Kiev "Dynamo" met for the second time in the finals in the history of the USSR cups. In the final of the USSR Cup in 1954, Dynamo turned out to be stronger (2: 1), thanks to the goals of Viktor Terentyev and Mikhail Koman.

The first sharp moment in the match occurred in the 10th minute, when Ararat's defenders started a risky ball passing near their own penalty area. As a result, Dynamo striker Oleg Blokhin took advantage of it, going one on one with Yerevan goalkeeper Alyosha Abrahamyan. He in a forward throw eliminated the danger to his goal. In the first half, the Kievans seized the territorial advantage, periodically causing trouble for the goalkeeper and the Ararat defense.


After the break, the nature of the game as a whole has not changed. The Kievans increased their pressure on the opponent's goal, while the Yerevanians acted more strictly in defense than in the first half. However, in the 61st minute they made a mistake, as a result of inconsistency in the actions of the Ararat defenders, the ball was intercepted by Dynamo player Viktor Kolotov and gave it to Leonid Buryak, who was in the penalty area. Buryak was knocked down from behind by Ararat defender Norayr Mesropyan, a penalty was awarded, which was converted by Kolotov. The scored goal had a bad effect on the game of Dynamo, which quickly lost its pace. And a few minutes before the end of the meeting, Buryak and Blokhin were replaced by young defenders Valery Zuev and Viktor Kondratov. At the 89th minute, the Yerevanians equalize the score in the match. Dynamo goalkeeper Valery Samokhin manages to repel two hits in a row by Andriasyan and Kazaryan, but on the third attempt, the ball after Levon Ishtoyan's hit through the thick of the players flies into the Dynamo goal net.

Thanks to a goal scored at the end of the second half, the psychological advantage in extra time was on Ararat's side. The Kievans could not organize anything in front, while the Ararat players regularly attacked the opponent's goal. In one of these attacks, he scored the winning goal. In the 103rd minute, the ball hit Ishtoyan, who was with his back to the goal and surrounded by two defenders, but he managed to turn around and shoot at the goal. The ball, hitting defender Zuev, flew into the net. Yerevan "Ararat" for the first time in its history became the owner of the USSR Football Cup.

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A. Abrahamyan, Gevorkyan, Sargsyan, Kovalenko, Mesropyan, Andriasyan, Bondarenko (Poghosov 73'), Ishtoyan, Markarov (Ghazaryan 73'), Zanazanyan (c), N. Petrosyan
Head coach: Nikita Simonyan


Samokhin, Damin, Matvienko, Fomenko, Reshko, Troshkin, Muntyan, Buryak (Zuev 87'), Kolotov (c), Veremeev, Blokhin (Kondratov 88')

Head coach: Alexander Sevidov

Since Ararat also became the champion of the USSR in 1973, he participated in the Champions Cup, and Dynamo (Kyiv) received the right to participate in the Cup Winners' Cup.

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